Alice Song reveals Klopp's philosophy to motivate team members


แทงบอลออนไลน์ Alesson Becker, the Liverpool international goalkeeper, revealed the philosophy of the German football team manager Gergen Klopp. Used to motivate members inside the dressing room Which makes them full of truth And never fear when it is necessary to bear the pressure of being expected to be successful, like the group in the reign of dominating the elite footballers And also in Europe

Alisong Becker, the goalkeeper "Liverpool" Reds, reveals the deep philosophy of meeting Kergen Klopp, who likes to stimulate the "Liverpool" shin in the dressing room. Until the group achieved an astonishing achievement in the previous episodes of the past แทงบอลออนไลน์.

Very often, the Reds in previous sets have been compared to the great "The Reds" in the past, but for the group now they have recently won the International Football League Club Championship or Club. The first world in the confederation history page Allowing the group to complete all important championship programs

Aside from that, winning the Football Association of the Club World Cup also caused the group to occupy three major championships (the Champions League and the European Super Cup) being the first club in England in the round. Same calendar For this period, it is necessary that the Reds are serious about winning the first league title since 1990, after which they often have to be UFA600 disappointed.



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